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the business field of InterGSG

Brand Marketing ​

Are you looking for the partner who can build your brand name based on long term and trust?


Inter GSG is the well-known brand marketing company in Korea. We believe in brand and know how to make its value based on long-term.

We help and support the brand either who wish to enter Korea market or to the global market from Korea.

We have extremely strict policy that we can carry only one brand in each one category.

Once become our partner we never leave the brand nor give up the brand marketing.

OEM & ODM (Private Labeling)

Looking for the OEM & ODM partner who is reliable based on high quality?


Inter GSG can provide total solution to you.  We have worldwide high-quality manufacturing facilities which can support to our clients who wish to have high quality products with their own brand name.

We have a strong team of R&D, QC and production based on global standard.

With global sourcing power we can provide you OEM & ODM services with reasonable competitive price.

Global Sourcing

Having trouble to find raw material or product from the overseas?


Inter GSG can offer and guarantee you the raw material and product with best quality and best price from all around the world. We have more than 50 worldwide qualified partners and suppliers around the world who can supply the best raw materials and products from its original area with great care.  We only directly sourcing our raw materials and products globally. This guarantees we imported directly from the original manufacturer from country of origin.

Branding Process

The optimized business system is equipped to ensure that the business is carried out through the most efficient processes in various business areas.

01. Accurate Analysis

- Market Analrsis
- Dataization of Analysis
- Appication of data
- Calcuation of to be applied

02. New Value

- Advantages
- Supplementation of Disadvanteges
- Grant of new value
- Grant of story

03. Branding

- Share your brand story
- Brand images sharing
- Share brand value
- Share brand growth