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Interactive Global Sourcing Group 

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Dear valuable partners

Inter GSG is an interactive global sourcing group who believes in re-creation.

Our mission is pursuing to share and enjoy with our family and loved ones through the re-creation by the Inter GSG only after finding values that do not exist in this world, supplementing the weaknesses and highlighting the strengths.

We only work with partners around the world who believes businesses based on trust and long term.  

In terms of that we help and support in multiple ways to our partners and brands either who wish to enter Korea market or to the global market from Korea.

Together with more than 50 partners around the world who believe in our values and management philosophy, we provide high-quality raw materials and finished products from around the world with the best service you have never experienced before.

We invest more than 30% of our sales revenue to the marketing of brands that we are carrying and more than 15% for the R&D.

We have extremely strict policy that we allow to carry only one brand in each one category.

Be our partner and share bright future together.

Sincerely yours,
June Sun / Founder