Inter GSG Co., Ltd.

Interactive Global Sourcing Group 

Corporate Identity

Interactive communication with the global market.

we discover products and brands that have not yet been found in the world and introduce to the world after adding new values.
By this way we define and lead new standards in brand marketing.

Interactive Communication

We believe in interactive communication with our consumers and partners will make our business more safe and stronger.

Trust & Faith

All our businesses only based on trust and faith


Based on long-term business, we will enjoy our bright future together with our partners around the world.

Business Identity

To Find Unidentified Original Value that Communicates with the consumer.





VUCO Brand Philosophy

InterGSG believe in the words: Value, Unidentified, Communication, and Original. 

You will experience all the benefits of new values which never existed before. We always try to find and understand the unidentified hidden values in everything. Sharing and communicating with our valuable consumers will make our future greater. We never forget the original and principal value of each product.