Recreation means "Value added brand marketing after accurate analyzing"


The world's leading F & B brand distributors Inter GSG Healthy and delicious premium brand Incubating is growing along with the trend of the world that favor healthy food and beverage in the future. We are in the process of specializing in the organic market and health functional food market.

F&T(fashion & Textiles)

Inter GSG, a company that grows into a brand that combines uniqueness and good quality while pursuing new fashion design business. As the diversity of life becomes more prominent and the attempts to integrate design into fashion are expected to expand, the fashion business is expected to achieve greater growth in 2020.


Targeting women who prefer beauty, the cosmetics market is entering the market through brands that offer pureness and naturalness. Promoting cosmetics business to become global brand with world-recognized Korean cosmetics

Pet grooming & Pet accessories

he distribution industry has been aggressively pursuing pets such as pet consulting, supplies and food. In 2018, the population of companion animals exceeded 10 million. As the pet market grows, Intergsg is also expanding pet companion services to preempt the pet market.

Health & Fitness

Current people are very interested in health. Getting health in people's perception has become a prerequisite for life. As a result, businesses related to health and fitness are bound to continue to grow. Inter GSG is carrying out health and fitness business based on the above-mentioned needs for health, and it is easy for anyone to meet related people in the future.

IT(Contents, drone, SI)

INTERGSG aims to be a technological platform for anyone to use the technology of the future, and to prepare for the upcoming future, so that many individuals and various partners can blossom success.


INTERGSG is aiming at 1,000 F & B stores and beauty stores through the establishment of domestic and overseas franchises. We will establish a franchise market based on stable distribution network and quality and lead the market as a leading company in rapidly changing start-up trend.